Community Standards


The wellness community is a safe space, privacy and security is very important to us.

We take extra measures to ensure personal information shared with us remain secure and confidential. will never disclose, sell, or reveal personal information to anyone without expressed permission or written consent.

Any and all personal Information submitted to is deemed confidential and we expect it to be guarded, respected, and protected by all recipients.

Negligence and malicious handling of private information can result in permanent removal from


Anyone who sign-up and actively interact within the wellness community is considered a participant.

A participant that contributes time and expertise within the wellness community may be considered a wellness advocate.

A wellness advocate is not an employee and a participant is not a member of

All participants interact voluntarily and independently within the wellness community.

Participants must be 17 years and older.


We practice dignity, good judgment, and respect in the wellness community.

Infringement upon fundamental interests, rights and freedoms of others is strictly prohibited. does not govern private practices of participants or any third-party within the wellness community and do not endorse third party events, products, services nor recommendations unless expressed. 
Participants are encouraged to do their own research, practice due diligence, and are solely responsible for their own safety and conduct.

Participants agree to hold and affiliates at no fault for damages, injuries, and losses due to negligence, malpractice, violence, or unforeseen circumstances.

Deceit, malice and reckless conduct can result in permanent removal from


All participants agree, accept and adhere to the community standards set forth herein.

Violation of these standards can result in restricted access or permanent removal from

Updated February 1, 2023