Film: The Longevity Diet: Food Solutions for Lasting Health & Immunity
25 Nov 08:00 PM

Film: The Longevity Diet: Food Solutions for Lasting Health & Immunity

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This is the final episode of The Gut-Immune Solution, a 10-part docuseries that tackles the important topic of immune health and how imbalances in your gut not only increase your likelihood of contracting infections, but also raise your risk of developing serious, chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmunity, cancer, and dementia.

In this episode:

  • Learn about the lifestyles of people who live the longest and find out which common habits are associated with more sickness and shorter lifespan
  • Find out which foods cause the most disease and learn what to eat to maintain better health
  • Learn what happens to your gut when you go on a low-carb diet and find out if you should try keto for better health
  • Find out how much meat you need to be healthy and learn which grains you should avoid
  • Discover which diet is scientifically proven to reduce disease and promote longevity and learn the one dietary guideline you should follow for better health
  • Discover the dirty secret that the food industry doesn’t want you to know and learn how to overcome your addictions to unhealthy foods
  • Learn how being overweight impacts your immune status and learn how to eat for healthy weight management
  • Get practical tips for eating for a healthy gut that you can use to improve your immune status starting today
  • Runtime: 1hr 19mins

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